Omfg nikki that one time that pic of ryan ross wearin a blue button up shirt w only one buttoned and u kept posting it everywhere i fuckin love

i literally just had to go like 5 folders within a folder to find this

im crying bc i talked to sarah so much and i would always laugh at her url so hard in tinychat n i NEVER FOLLOWED HER

250px replied to your post: if I ask y’all when/why u followed me …

i followed u when we liked panic and bc u had a hilarious twitter and i was like “i think i’ll follow that person” and i never regretted it

oh god my twitter omfg i love u ur so hot n cool i gotta step my game up

originally cos kelly but then because you so

it wont let me tag but ily melia

u were funny probably summer 2011 or late fall 2011

shut up

gaybabyrollins replied to your post: if I ask y’all when/why u followed me …

I honestly followed u fr 3 yrs because I wanted to be ur friend so bad

slides on sunglasses

spacemoms replied to your post: if I ask y’all when/why u followed me …

shit i’ve been following you since before somesneakysim so how long ago?????? AWHILE

omg like 3 years then i followed u during partymusic n i think before that

if I ask y’all when/why u followed me will I actually send me asks or am I gonna have to delete this post in 5 min to save me from humiliation


hello my name is fleur, and this is my apartment


HEY EVERYONE so my very funny and talented best friend Stephanie Baldwin entered her newest short film, “Switch Pocket” into the campus movie festival at our school and it premiered online today. It features small children in trash cans, delicious delicious crime, and also me for like five seconds. The video that gets the most views out of all the ones submitted from our school will be screened during the next round of the competition in LA later this year and I’m really big on making that happen so please check it out and reblog ‘til you drop.